Why Have A Septic Inspection?

A non-invasive septic inspection is often a good starting point for helping to determine the condition of an existing septic tank system. There are many variations in septic system design and function, each inspection is likely to be unique in its own way. Non-invasive septic inspections leave the soil virtually undisturbed and do not alter the system in any appreciable way. Any available, readily accessible access caps are removed and the liquid level inside is observed. The water inside the home is run for a minimum of thirty minutes. During this time the liquid levels in the access pipes (if any) are observed and the absorption area is examined for seepage or lush growth. Our certified technician relies on visual signs for detecting any defects in the septic system. Septic Tank Inspection Real Estate Inspection Ft Myers Cape Coral Naples

Unfortunately, there is no absolute way to predict how long a septic tank system will last or if it will be able to handle an increased load. A septic inspection, however, can yield useful information on the condition the system as it exists when the entire septic tank system is inspected. While being able to determine the future of a septic system is not part of any septic inspection, the inspection can uncover defects in the system which can save unexpected expenses. Considering the past history of a septic system is useful, but it should be noted that a system which has worked fine for years may over time fail with little or no warning. All septic tank systems have a life span, and in most cases it is impossible to predict when a system could fail.

Problems with septic tank systems that show no defects during an inspection most often occur when an increased load is put on a septic system. For instance, an older person may occupy a large home for many years with no septic problems. A family of three or four may purchase the home and use three or four times the amount of water. The septic system may not be able to handle this increased load and subsequent failure of the system occurs.

A more thorough septic inspection beyond the standard non-invasive inspection is available. For an additional fee we can unearth various parts of the septic system and or install absorption area inspection pipes. Dye testing is available as well as testing of soils for fecal matter. Various forms of hydraulic loading tests are also available. Call All Septic All Plumbing today to determine the best cost effective septic service available to meet your needs.

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